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Over the years, the digital currency ecosystem has endured and escalated to its current shape and form, advocating the global acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a form of value exchange. For an existing crypto enthusiast or someone contemplating investing into the crypto world, the main challenge is not only navigating through different avenues in the cryptoverse, but also storing and managing digital assets with ease along the way.

At times, the decentralized web network can pose an overwhelming maze of challenges and jargons that slows down the adoption rate in this industry, creating a demand for a safer and simpler approach.

Cybercriminals robbed over $125 million in Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other digital currencies from several cryptocurrency exchanges in 2019. The safety of our digital assets held in these centralized exchanges is always a lingering thought in an investor’s mind. One would think it makes more sense to have complete control over the security of their investments and identity rather than trusting third-parties to do the same. Questions like these limit our experience of adopting the revolutionary blockchain technology, and even as the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is at an all time high, it’s far from its true potential. Would this change…

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A decentralized ecosystem that radically simplifies 360* blockchain accessibility & use of web 3.0 services and comes with a built in identity wallet.

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